Thankful Tuesday…

I’m thankful

for the wind and rain.

the beautiful fall colors that do not usually make a long appearance here, are especially deep and bright against today’s foggy sky.

Soup and coffee (though not together)

A four year old who is beginning to see how her throwing crazy random fits does not help her achieve any of her end goals – even though this realization still takes throwing a fit to see, I have hope that the end of this phase is near….

A six year old who loves the idea of fairies so very much that she has plastered her walls with detailed, colorful drawings which she and her sister have cut out and then placed all over the room.  – I’m thankful that they’ve had not only the creativity to make these decorations, but the imagination to name each one of them, and that the names include things like: “Shelly: the rock-star fairy”

A 9 year old son who is fully accepting his role as big brother during this week that they’re all off of school – and taking it upon himself to distract his sisters when they’re upset, and play the fairy game with them – helping them construct new houses for their fairy world – The fairy boxing ring was his idea and the girls were thrilled with it.

New friends who are willing to trade babysitting during this week off of school so we can work and go to school when needed.

Time to write this blog – even if it only happens once a week.

Time to catch up on Newbigin reading -I’m always struck with the fact that no matter the content of the week’s reading – it is always applicable to the situations at hand –

The ability to look forward to running before dinner, because my love is willing and able to come home from work and be available to the  kids while dinner is cooking.

Family to have to plan Thanksgiving dinners around.

Much more…..