Thankful Tuesday

ThkflTuesday1-300x170Today I’m thankful for silence.

For my Sister and her husband who were willing to watch my crazy kids for three days so that I  could enjoy silence.

For comments like:  “Our house was a musical for 3 days” (Joe) to remind me of the joy that my kids hold in their hearts and express in their songs.  My house is a musical all the time and I am so grateful for this.  I don’t always find it endearing – sometime’s it downright tries my patience in every possible way to not yell when the same line of the same song is hummed under someone’s breath for the five hundredth time in a morning, but really, I’m so glad that that music is penetrating their hearts and mine.

For a husband who understands me even me and who makes it hard to stop smiling.

Friends who encourage and listen and pray

Chickens in my yard