just an update….

I’m still here!

It’s funny – I had planned to write up a blog post about three weeks ago explaining that this was the time of year that I generally fall off the face of communication and personal contact, but might actually end up with more time to write here…..and then I didn’t have time to do either and every time I thought I’d sit and write, I decided maybe I should do homework instead.

Kids are all three in school – AT THE SAME SCHOOL  – which is absolutely lovely and they have all transitioned so beautifully into this year.  Yes, there are still fights about homework and cleaning our rooms and making sure that the day to day responsibilities are taken care of, and yes it’s not always easy – but this morning we all woke up a half hour before Anna needed to be at school (Kindergarten starts 15 minutes earlier than the rest of school – it’s like a crash course in being to school on time which will make next year seem like a breeze!) , and we made it on time!  All three kids ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed their hair, got their lunches into their backpacks and we were out the door in time to find a parking spot and get into class!  whew!

My transition back to Sac State, as scary as I expected it to be, has happened in the easiest way and I really think only being there 2 days a week is the best decision I could make this semester.  I still don’t like college students of the twenty year old variety, but I’m trying to remind myself that I’ve lived more life than them (even when I was 20), and I’ve had time to read more books, and I shouldn’t judge them as harshly as I do – but it is truly a difficult feat to not give them looks of astonishment when they’re so plainly unaware of the world around them…..praying for grace.  On that same not, liking 3 out of 4 of my professors is not bad at all and reminding myself that the 4th is obviously just falling into the trap of the stupid 20-year-olds and being silly along with them should give me some consolation.

Fall Baseball has started, Wednesday night men’s softball continues, and both girls have joined a Girl Scout troup……Who knew that this would be my life?

And so – onward – that’s all for updates today, I will try to be more regular in the writing and I apologize if I turn into a cynical mess of criticism who quotes more and more literature and has less and less faith in humankind as the year moves forward (keep me in check people!)