When Stories Collide

Remembering long forgotten lanes;

Reliving a lunatic past.

The streets are the same, and the soft summer breeze

Carries memories mean to last.

Drowning in darkness

The world falls

Muffled in black velvet and glittering stars

Barely visible in the electronic glow.

A doomed future

A prophesied apocalypse – human folly.

Time stands still.

Tires keep turning, street lamps flicker –

Logically light saving, energy efficient bulbs illuminate a chunk of pavement.


Lamps lit by stilt walkers whose long extended legs assist kerosene fire

While children and dogs find

The familiar oddities intriguing enough

To attempt a playful assault:

Swing around, run around

Will he fall over?

And the wooden poles move slowly – intentionally –

Still stands Time.

bump,bump – bump, bump

The earthquake safe structure

Headlights glaring –

And once again the darkness is held off,

These lights – imposing their fluorescent glow –

All meant to illuminate the world;

To ward off portents and fill the daily darkness with unnatural light.

These will now suffice

Until the Sun forgets to shine

and Time stands still.