Tied up in Knots

Well world, here I go again:  creating a blog in order to try and express my thoughts on nothing in particular.  Nothing really that might pertain to the a greater world, but things that mean everything in my small sphere.

I am beginning this blog as an attempt to untie the knots in which my every day life forever feels tangled.  Spiritual knots, parenting knots, knots tied because I’m a wife, knots tied because I’m a student, Knots tied because I myself like to make entangling schedules which cause knots for those around me.
While I was thinking about starting this, I tossed around different name ideas and of course, this one stuck because it was the last to trickle through my filter of thought.  I originally thought of something like “giving up, and giving in” and somehow tying it to the “further up, and further in” chapter of C.S. Lewis “The Last Battle”.  For those of you who have read that book, perhaps you can see where I’m going with this untying of knots, for those of you that haven’t, bear with me.  In attempting to untie the knots of my life, I’m going to attempt to give up control of the every day things in my life and give in to God’s plans for my life.  Trusting that His plans really are all encompassing and that every small and large crisis which is placed in the way of my day, is something that God can use for good.   If you’re still reading – welcome to my life, I hope to show that I can be trusting and successful in my faith and have it carry over in my life – If you find inspiration in this, all the better.


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