Celebrate good times….

C’Mon! (it’s a celebration)….

January is just a month of birthdays and anniversaries and celebrations around my house.  I think it’s a lovely (and tiring) way to start the year.  This year more than any other so far though, I have really realized how much happens in January.

1 -New Years

2-Scott Birthday

7-Kids go back to school

9-Sister Birthday

15-Anna Birthday

17-Friend Birthday

18-Wedding Anniversary

19-Friend Wedding this year

….more to come

It doesn’t actually look like a long list, but each of those events have some sort of planning, purchasing, cooking, pausing to reflect-which comes along with them, and I’m just so happy to be a part of it all.

Today, the 18th of January, 10 years ago, I married my best friend.  From that moment forward our life together has been a roller coaster, but not a normal one.  On a normal  roller coaster, you hold on for the ride and don’t know where you’re headed but trust that you will eventually end up where you began.  On our own little roller coaster, however, we come to stopping points that require decisions about which track to take , which hill to climb, which free fall to hold on tight and which to throw our hands up and close our eyes – we can’t see the end of the track and are fully aware that we will never go back to where we began…  I’m so thankful for all of it – and especially for this wonderful man who has come to sit next to me on this crazy ride.

It is fitting too that we will spend this evening at the rehearsal for a friend’s wedding in the very church and with the very people we were with 10 years ago on our own wedding day.  Not really returning to the beginning of the ride, but acknowledging it’s existence and reveling in the idea that we have come so far from where we started, and now we can see another marriage begin in the same place.  Lovely.

Off we go then, to the mountains, the colder cold, and the stars – I love this part, by the way.  The stars especially.  Have you ever been in the mountains, where even street lights don’t exist – on a night that is cold?  without a flashlight?  My favorite.

Happy Weekend Friends.

One thought on “Celebrate good times….

  1. Happy Anniversary! Love how you are so great at sharing, and so happy that you get the pleasure of being a part of another wedding 10 years after your own. And to top it all off, you get to gaze at those bright stars in the mountains, the very best place to see the stars shine!

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