Being Thankful

Thankful Tuesday is always a good reminder for me that being thankful makes me feel thankful.  I know that seems strange, but after reading Ann Voskamp’s blog yesterday – I know that at least I’m not alone in that feeling.


today I’m thankful for friends who are old enough to be silly


The ability to run and keep smiling (and again, friends to do that with)


family days spent doing things out of the ordinary


Today is Allen’s first Baseball game of the season and he is so excited – he is slotted to pitch the first two innings and couldn’t be happier.

Katie has Musical Theater today and is excited too.

I talked to an adviser last week and I’ll be able to pick up a couple of classes next semester online and not lose my momentum toward actually obtaining this crazy English degree I’m trying to finish 🙂

Life is full and busy and while it’s hard to keep up – we’re all in this together and I’m so glad.

Cheers friends.