Monday Musings

This pacing and packing and continued procrastination is not especially productive in the grand scheme of entirely moving our earthly belongings from one address to another, but we’re slowly making progress. As I’m packing, creating this new daily rhythm of “What can I pack today that won’t need to be unpacked in the next couple of weeks?” I think about why it is we keep all of these things. If I can pack something away and not need it for the next two weeks – do I need it at all? It’s an arguable answer – yes, because while I may not need it every day, I may need it a couple of days a year and therefore should keep this thing because I’d rather have it on a shelf than need to find it on the shelf of a store. And then, No – no I don’t need any of it.

Things I’ve learned in the past few days:
– It is cathartic to throw away empty CD cases – they make a lovely sound and free up so much wasted space.

-We have so many books. And really as much as I try, I cannot get rid of them in any substantial way – I think I found new homes for about 20 books, and then filled 7 boxes……I cannot let go of my childhood belief that I would one day have a library in my house – even if I can realistically see that that is not feasible in this new one, anymore than it has been in the last 7 I’ve lived in….Guess I need to keep collecting until I do find that room.

– Kids do not recognize the need to pack, or to rid themselves of anything substantial. When asked to please go through their toys and decide what not to take with them, 3 broken polly pockets and a couple of pokemon cards was not especially what i had in mind.

As I’m packing and trying to plan for the things ahead, this song seems to be running continuously through my head.  I think it’s appropriately hopeful,

So I’m sharing it here:




Have a lovely Monday friends, I’d love to hear your musings too – they would greatly assist my ability to continue to procrastinate.



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