Poetry Assignment…..

I am writing this poem for a class – and since this is generally my public forum for writing things I have to share with other people (or want to), I thought I’d share – I also think it’d be fun if anyone else wants to share their own “I am from” poem…..there a bit excruciating (in the best sense) to write and I feel like mine will be under almost constant revision, but fun nonetheless……here goes nothing:


I am from

Slow harmonized hymns and soul wrenching prayers

Kids tables and Easter dresses

Silly faces in over-sized mirrors

Spaghetti stuck to the ceiling


Dark, clear nights lit by millions of bright stars

Redwood trees and mountain misery

Roll down the windows – turn that radio up.


I am from

Long hours, sore muscles

Dirt under your nails, dusty knees

Overwhelming dedication and pride.


Stubborn as an – ox

Strong as a – mule

Or some variation of unrelenting good intentions


I am from

Sweet melodies and china trees

Shimmering above the wind-blown, wheat-strewn hillside

Crawdads and cows.


Freezing rivers and granite rocks

islands found and made

Freedom and curfews.


I am from

“How many phone numbers can you memorize?”

and “who knows your locker combo?”

Houses and cars that never lock

Friends who each have a key


Friday nights under the lights

Long bus rides home

“Yay Cheerleaders” – “Yay Band”


I am from

Love even when you can’t stand each other

Doors off the hinges

Sisters are forever


Beautiful and Broken

Here and coming

Run through this life but leave a trail

Find Love


…but if you really knew me

You’d laugh every time I start to cry

Forgive me for being sarcastic and afraid

and know what I really mean is thank you.


Where are you from friends?