Broken Walkways

(a poem today just to prove i’m still alive over here in teacher training land – all of the grammar and punctuation mistakes stem from my rebellious side (yes, i do have one, i swear) – I know they’re wrong and i’m ok with it.)


Deep seeded madness

Glaringly apparent.

Instantly – instinctively ignored.

A blending- blurring of daily life and fantastical dreams – no end. no beginning.

Increasingly introspective – hoping for the invisibility that life might offer if one were to blend into the cement walls

Or the broken crags in the brick walkway which stretches its long fingers hastily between the dying grass of the drought stricken park and

The hard asphalt

Melting in the sun

Stretching as if to wrap itself into the very fiber of any natural resource still struggling to prove life.

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