Back to school…for the first time?

Classroom (18)

Well, I’ve wanted to post about a million pictures of my classroom, but I think I have pretty well contained my enthusiasm and have only posted a few.  This post, however, will be chock full of them, so be prepared. 🙂

I’ve spent the past two days in my first ever official teacher workdays – staff meetings and small attempts at collaboration all included.  I spent the better part of five hours today solidifying my classroom set-up and my plans for tomorrow and the next day (which were changed from my original plans due to the rally and tour schedule announced during staff meetings).

I have had a lot of fun setting up the classroom and I am attempting to incorporate as much eye candy as possible so that if I do end up with students who would rather look around the room than talk to their classmates or to me, they have something educational and/or inspiring to fill their little minds.

So, without further ado:

Welcome to my classroom

Classroom (20)

“Middle School Survival” kits set up alongside student planners – idea stolen here:

Classroom (19)

My “office” area:

Classroom (3)

Student point of view:

Classroom (16)


Clock ( edit: I know the You’re is wrong 🙂  It’s been fun having the kids find it)

Classroom (1)

Reading area from the floor perspective (I was so tired, it was nice to sit)

Classroom (8)

Assignment Collection area:

Classroom (10)

Writer’s toolbox and extra tools cart

Classroom (9)


Quotes Everywhere ( evil laughter….):

Classroom (13) Classroom (14) Classroom (11)


Honestly people, I think I’m pretty happy with all of this – there are a few things I will add in the upcoming months, but once there is student work on the walls, I think the classroom will look rather well loved and lived in.

Thanks for touring with me – now, I’m off to attempt to sleep before my first day of school!

Go YG Warriors!

(on the way out the door:)

Classroom (17)

One thought on “Back to school…for the first time?

  1. Yep, made me cry. It’s beautiful, and every thoughtful touch represents hours of hard work on your part. I am incredibly grateful to have you a friend and daughter.

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