In a silent second

I lay in bed (tic)

Drifting in and out (toc) of consciousness (tic)

Waiting for dreams (toc).

So tired -(tic)- but somehow unable (toc) to let go. 


The seconds move past (tic),

A louder click  (TOC) at the minute

Still. only silence surrounds. 

The methodic, metallic click of time is only a remnant – a memory. 

After all, cell phones do not tic-toc

But so ingrained (tic) is

My association (toc) of the second hand -tic- that I giggle a little as I keep (toc)

The time (tic)

(Toc) in my mind. . .

Tic- An imaginary metronome

Toc-keeping beat with my lullaby


Of the days affairs (tic)


(Toc) with the cat purring at my feet

(Tic) with the creaking house. 

The rain adds it’s beat- double time. 

And I am so caught up in listening that my eyes close. (Tic)

And I drift (toc) into (tic) a reverie (toc) – reverberating with (tic) a pointed pendulum (toc) swinging me (tic) gracefully (toc) to sleep. 

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