Community Conversations: Education


This year I have decided to take charge of the plans I’d like to see completed, rather than just talking about how I want them to happen. As an educator and parent I see our current public education as a system which has good intentions but many holes through which many students continually fall. Rather than just continuing to research and plan on my own, however, I’m reaching out to my community.  If you have a moment – consider being part of this conversation – the more perspectives, the better able we will be to move forward toward providing education in effective and meaningful ways. Let’s change the culture of the educational community – maybe change or redirect the focus – and at very least, have a fantastic conversation.

If you received this via email, no need to respond twice, I am posting here to reach people who might be interested, but to whom I might not have talked previously. 🙂

Thank you!

Dear Friends,

   Many of you know that I am interested in the prospect of opening a school. I have begun preliminary research into how to go about starting a school and have also begun to outline what educational goals the school might have, and how it will fulfill needs not currently addressed within public education (as I have experienced it). While all this planning is well and good, I recognize that education systems are not something that one person can plan and change or create, but a system which  – because it should create and support community flourishing, also requires community involvement.
   So, I write to you as a part of my community and as people who care about education as educators, parents, community members, and friends. Using digital communication at this point, because it is the best and fastest way to contact the greatest amount of people, I ask you to please respond by answering the attached poll which will let me know whether this conversation is one in which you would be willing to entertain and engage.
Also, if you know anyone who may be interested in discussing education, please feel free to pass this or my contact information along.
Thanks so much friends!

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