It is the reason that, as a child, I deplored. It is the reason, however, as an adult that I often give my children when I myself am beyond any ability to add more logical thought to what I have to say.

“Because I said so.”

Oh I see you fate, laughing in the corner as I listen to the words drop from my lips and into the malleable mind of my pre-teen child who takes them in along with her eye roll of fully felt unfairness. I see you. Giggle away, my friend.

I would like to take  a moment to defend my use of this reason that I so hated as a child, for it is not the first reason that I give. I see now that it was probably not the first reason my parents gave either (laugh away), and so I guess part of this post is apologetic and a head nod to parents everywhere – you are not alone – and you are not wrong.

When I say “Because I said so”, it is because the last half hour of logical reasoning seems to have been charlie-brown-adult muffled and my lovely, bright eyed, inquisitive kiddo, has not understood that those beautifully logical, caringly given responses were the answer every time to her “but, WHY?” and all I have left is self-defense. A quick “because I said so” and now I am the villain, the Mom/teacher refusing to listen, refusing to see “reason”.  Oh the silliness that is life. So parents, teachers, authority figures who have tried to reason, what is your end the crazy looping discussion go to reason?

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