Days like today

Days like today, I close my eyes and travel to the places in my mind. For that matter, when I open them, it’s like a dream is playing out before me.

Days like today, feel like too much coffee and not enough sleep; like the soundtrack to the day is a slow, steady beat, but I can’t seem to keep it, struggling to keep the rhythm, but not especially bothered by that.

Days like today, I close my eyes and breathe in the sweet ocean breeze calling from hundreds of miles away; only a whiff of itself on the wind, only a faint suggestion, whispering of before – and someday. A memory as solid as the waves.

Days like today, when I open my eyes, I float through the actions, see things to the end, and wonder what it all means, wonder what this moment holds for everyone else, wonder where it will lead.

Days like today, I’m present, but not. My mind drifting in and through and out with my breath. The mountains on the horizon holding us in, holding promise of adventure, holding hope in their slow and ever changing consistency.

Days like today seem to blend and twist and reblend, the colors never fully becoming, and never disappearing – a blur of life.

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