P4: Friends at 5am, forever

In the deluge of diapers

Blurry eyed mornings and evenings and every in between.

In the beginning of our baby years – you reached out unknowing and we became quick friends. Before what became the social media life that we all seem to live, Myspace provided new space for us to send friendly notes and then meet for dinner. We were so trusting – I’m still glad you weren’t (aren’t!) an ax murderer.

I knew we’d be friends forever when you couldn’t keep your “secret” that there wasn’t sugar in those cookies, but maple syrup – and that the mashed potatoes were really cauliflower – I was no longer the lone, young hippy navigating a college town without a degree – constantly mistaken for the babysitter at the park.

5 am phone calls? why not? We were awake, coffee dates and so many baked goods. Chocolate chips always in the freezer.

Navigating firsts of motherhood – scary and sweet.

Baby boys kept us busy and we loved them to pieces while trying to survive the diapers and crying and laundry and diapers and crying and laundry. All the while, striving to piece together what it means to become ourselves – growing into our gifts and out of our comfort zones.

Spontaneous trips to the beach, directions we thought we knew and so many long long roads and wind and sand and fun.

15 years later, these boys are taller than us – you’ve got a baseball team and I a trio – and I’m still so thankful that you are my friend.

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