Wednesday Night (delayed) Haikus’

In honor of the ‘Immoral Minority’ – Softball at it’s best every Wednesday night.

Dust. Dirt. “Crack” and Run.

Always a hole in the Right Field

Jeering the next team.

Strike – ball – strike – hit – run

Batter up, and batter out.

Balls in, and Game on.

Ball, strike, swing, and “crack”

Legs and lungs burning – – Safe.

Under the lights – safe.

Dust, dirt, sweep the plate

Slap of mitt in the dugout

Run it in! He’s safe.

Pitch over the plate

Jump and get out of the way

Pick it up and toss.

Show up, win or lose

Kingdom glimpses – fun and friends

Showing up again.

Rag tag bunch of guys

Brought together – love the game

Weekly ritual.

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