(A poem for Pentecost – Ezekiel inspired)

An arid valley
Left for lost
Of life bereft.
Souls parched and empty – scattered
among the stones.

Words examined and divined
Then sudden raucous hope.
A pulling together – sinews stretched
A weaving and renewing
Flesh on bone

Lost and found
Lifelike, but still;
thirsty souls – restless
nearly whole.

A rushing wind floods the valley
Intercessor – inspires and
Life restores.
A house once fallen, rebuilt
To live and Love
To tell
Faith flooded by Fire
Pulled together
To be sent out.

One thought on “Paraclete

  1. A very special week indeed with Pentecost and Shavuot, each with much richness to offer. Celebrating the First Fruits…the giving of the Spirit! Birthday of both Judaism (giving of The Law) and the birthday of the Church (giving of the Spirit). P.S. greeting from the wet Mid-West.

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