Cultural Anemone

Low tide always comes so early in the morning =
or so late in the day.
Times so inconvenient that it takes great intention
to be present.

Low tide

revealing the unique beauty
of every living organism
between the rocks,
in shallow pools.

Low light reflecting
and then the tide comes in
and swallows it all.
Hides the life, the beauty,
the color and wonder –

Under dark water
clouded with fear
and doubt
and worry,
an endless, hopeless, horizon.

And here we are,
in the midst of perpetual

High tide

forgetting the colorful
individuality highlighted and
glimmering –


struggling toward;
waiting for
the light and the hope and the glory
of low tide.

A time requiring
intentional presence.

Exploring Rocky Shores of Southern Oregon Coast: Sea Anemones

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