39 lines for 39 years: Acrostic

At last, my
Perfect love has come along, and the lovely days are
ever singing and ringing in another Birthday
my love, for so many of these 39 years.
So, take my hand
can I have this dance?
only if you
tell the DJ
that our song is “At Last”
Every time we
dance in and out
with or without the twirling
individuals who know
not what to make of each
Day – unless it starts and –
ends – with “I love you”
’til the end of time
remember the words?
ingrained in every decision
come what may
I will always
Love you
Over and over
Valiantly defending each chance
You take to be
Outrageously courageous
Understanding that while
Maybe dreams change
Year after year
Defining and redefining this
Average life until it’s incredible
Rest and rejoice, my Love, and know that
Love conquers even
Incredible odds – and
Nothing is required to receive

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