Rocks and Trees and Squirrels, We’ll Bless Them All!

When I hear the word sacramental, the image (and voice I hear it in) that pops into my mind is that of Mel Brooks, satirically clad in the attire of a Jewish Rabbi, leading a mule-drawn cart full of Sacramental Wine. He stops to chat with Robin Hood and his Merry Men clad in tight (tight) tights, and then proceeds to bless the rocks and trees and squirrels so that they can drink the sacramental wine. When I first saw this movie, I didn’t understand sacramental. (I may have thought he said Sacramento.) In my young life as a congregant in non-denominational Protestant churches, it wasn’t a word that was thrown around, even as it was practiced. This scene though, has lasted the test of my better understanding of sacrament, and is perhaps even more comical and more poignant as age and understanding align……

Read the rest of my growing understanding of sacramental living over at Redbud this month….

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