It’s truly an absolutely honor, this year, to have my writing featured on blogs outside of my own. It keeps happenings and feels so surreal. Yesterday, I had the neatest things happen, and my work was published at The Redbud Post (linked yesterday), AND The Mudroom Blog. Two places, two different writings, two different themes.

This week is the last week of the Easter Season, running straight into Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and then onto weeks and weeks and weeks of Ordinary (Trinitytide) Time. It feels appropriate that my writing about the beginning of the Easter season and the preparations for a feast, would be published at the end of that same season. For me, it’s a helpful and timely reminder that the feast is more than just 4 days a year. It’s a helpful reminder that it takes more than just me to prepare a feast, and that one has been prepared already ahead of us, that I can do nothing but accept.

So, I know it’s like a silly trick to again reroute your reading, but I would love to share my thoughts on feasting with you at the mudroom. Join me there as I

Prepare the Table.