It’s always amazing to me that as soon as I begin to feel sorry for myself or frustrated at life, I’m reminded of how lucky I am.  I have a family that loves me, friends that are great, jobs, the ability to go to school, a roof over my head, enough food to eat, the ability to fix my car when it breaks (even if it’s not fun and makes the month a little more difficult)….

Driving to work and back this last weekend I counted no less than 10 homeless folks in the 2 blocks surrounding the center in which I work.  Some begging and making their situation depressingly known, some just sitting, some pushing a shopping cart in which all of their personal belongings can be found.
I know a few of these people by name – the woman who comes in and buys a coffee a couple days a week – she’s 9 months pregnant – due at the end of August with a baby boy – I haven’t asked if she plans to keep the baby and raise him homeless with herself and boyfriend, or if she plans to give him up for adoption or what they plan to do – I don’t know how to even broach the subject without acting as though I know better than her or without being able to offer any logistical fix to the problem of her homelessness.  I would peg her age at maybe, maybe 17.
There’s another woman who is obviously schizophrenic, who has other issues as well – she is no longer allowed in my place of work because she verbally assaulted a co-worker and customer.  She stands across the street and yells obscenities at me, or whomever else is opening.  How do I help her?  She cannot even commit to a mutually respectful conversation, let alone seek help for herself….

A man, who comes in maybe three days a week and orders a tea, is respectful, seemingly without mental disability, but obviously homeless.  He never asks for anything.  What does he need?

There are so many more.  So many lives human beings living without the basic needs of life – just barely living. God loves them all – but how can I love them?  How can I help them feel like they are equally human?

Anyway,  they’re on my heart.  If you feel up to it.  Pray for Tina and her baby, Theresa to find the mental and physical care she needs.  Raymond, Douglass, Joe…



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