Best laid plans

Well,  we’ve been hit.

All but one is down with the flu.  Katie has proven the strongest immune system so far and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t get this too.

It seems somewhat appropriate (in a weirdly maniacal way) that the month starts out with everyone tossing their cookies and me worrying about food in the house.

I was feeling better yesterday and decided that in the event that we were not able to leave for another couple of days, I would stock the pantry.

Luckily enough I had actually began a food list the week before with the intent of making, or planning for every dinner for the month of February.

So I had a list…

photo (1)

Now I just need to find the energy and stomach willpower to cook some things and freeze them and we’ll have food enough for the month!

I’ve never been able to be organized or have had enough ambition to try and plan a whole months worth of dinners – but I can see this being something that helps our family eat well and makes sure we don’t go out to pizza and spend money not really allocated to that.

Anyway, I’m writing this down on the blog because I tend to keep myself more accountable to my own plans if I write them down where other people can see them too – lucky you. 🙂