It’s Tuesday….

Today I woke up super early – before the sun, before I would normally get up for work….early.

I got out of bed, threw on workout clothes and made my way to the gym for my first session of Kaia Fit, not knowing really what to expect besides a crazy workout that I might not make it through.

I made it through.

The thing that struck me most about this group though, is how much community building goes into this 1 hour workout  so early in the morning.  There is a lot brewing in my mind about the need for and draw to community that people feel, but for now, since it’s Tuesday, I’ll be thankful for this new thing that I’m doing.

Along with waking up early, I still made it home a full hour before my kids would normally wake up.

This is what that looked like:


(those are my favorite by the way)


sweetness(being cold and too tired to smile, eating her oatmeal next to me)

So, anyway, It’s Tuesday and I’m Thankful for so many things.



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