Belated….but 7

photo (4)This past Friday marked 7 years in the world for my Katarina girl.  I thought I’d sit down quietly in the morning and write about what we were doing 7 years ago when she was born, because I found it so much fun in January for Anna’s post…..but, well, life got a hold and I haven’t been able to sit down and type until this second – 3 days later…

So.  Better late than never:

The time in our lives that Katie was born was probably the least crazy and the most exciting and shiny-new.  Scott graduated during the winter quarter and we were told that we must move out of the on-campus, 600 square foot, 2 bedroom little apartment that we had called home for about two and half years.  In April before she was born, we moved into our first rented house – and those 1300 feet seemed like a mansion in comparison to the cramped apartment life we had led.  3! bedrooms – craziness.   I was due May 15th-ish and was so pregnant that I wasn’t much help with the move, but thankfully we had good friends who were very helpful and I fed them pizza and helped unpack the boxes.  7 days after moving into that house, still without a positive idea of a way to pay the rent we would now incur, Scott was hired on at the University as an IT guy – whew!  rent and food were covered!Katie**

Katie took her sweet time coming into the world and we went to the hospital 3 times with false alarms before my friend Diana finally got to come over at 2 in the morning to watch Allen while we took the successful trip to the hospital (read: 16 days later than expected! she’s always been a bit stubborn).

5:27am a giant baby Katarina – 9lb 4 oz came into the world all pink and chubby and sucking her thumb (Praise the Lord!) 🙂

While she took a very quiet approach to entering our household – napping at nice times, sleeping decently, etc….she is now becoming the outgoing, crazy little girl that is so much fun to try and keep up with and I fear I may be lagging just a little behind for the rest of her life.

So.  Today and every day, I’m thankful for miss Katarina Joy – aptly named “pure happiness”.

Happy Belated Birthday to my girl.

photo (5)

** middle photo (the good one), taken by Leda Mast

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