Wednesday Poem on a Thursday:

Notice the strange lack of posts?  me too!  You know what that means?  School is back in session.  It also means I miss you friends and hope you’re all well.


When I’m overwhelmed, i scribble in notebooks.   This scribbling is compliments of my last 3 hour classroom management class – I swear I took notes as well.  🙂


Wednesday Poem on a Thursday:

Completely submerged;

Movement restricted.

So. Much. Noise.

Muffled voices and unintelligible sound

I break the surface and

The clarity is too much.

The air is cold – sharp

shards of broken reflections filling my lungs.

Binding bright, midday sun-

beam frozen heat and I blink.

Silence surrounds

Lifetimes of calm seas-

And summer breezes:

A constantly unobtainable expectation.

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