Starting…in a Pandemic

The handle of the soup pot heavy in hand;
The whine of water racing from the pipes,
swishing and splashing as it’s caught.

Full, but not to the brim,
Stop the water and place the pot,
still swaying on the stove

Turn,, pop-whoosh
the burner is lit
A small ring of fire
The tapping of cool metal as it heats.

You can do this
have done this:

moved matter – creatively contained it – set this process in motion.



Unable to do anything but


While water ever so maddeningly slow
is set to boil

wipe down the counter


turn up the heat


add salt because you’ve heard that helps

An eternity has passed – a moment, a day

Along the surface of the pot
a single, small, layer of bubbles have formed

not one will surface

today the water doesn’t boil
maybe the gas runs out


As if your life depends on it.

Along with the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “Starting…in a Pandemic

  1. Yes….I think it’s the waiting and unknown or uncertainty that is so difficult. No one is sure of next steps and it feels like there is no end. Hang in there , Friend. Let’s have a distance knitting session and coffee soon??? I have a spot in my back garden. Nína

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