the prayers we breathe

Days like today
the world gets a little smaller
and we collectively
suck in a breath, and cringe
pack, and run

and still continue with the tasks at hand

the laundry slowly gets done
the dishes washed
the floors swept

some are driving
and don’t know
if there will be laundry left to go back to
a floor

some know
and wish
they didn’t

Days like today
our hearts break together
we feel helpless and worn

Not knowing what to pray,
or how
the prayers run together
with the movement of the day

like sand across the desert
like water to the sea

oxygen in the air
moving in and out
without thinking
required for life

in the air where we see ashes falling
and we are afraid to reach out
afraid to gather
afraid to not

those prayers


health. safety.understanding

and the ashes are mixed with the oxygen
and the prayers mixed into the day

on days like today

2 thoughts on “the prayers we breathe

  1. Yes…you captured today quite well. Surreal…sad…smokey…with a whitewash of normalcy laid over the whole, yet not able to hide the red disk barely shining through the yellowy-orange skies. 😢

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