A Prayer

Lord, We are weary.

We are a people made to commune with one another – built to nourish this world, to create, to name, and to grow – to love.

We are so lost right now.

A mess of: “he said, she said” reminiscent of the fall we turn away, misunderstandings and malcontent. In a world spinning so quickly it seems as if we’re losing our grip.

Some begin to wonder what is left to hold on to.

When friends and families and communities live in fear of one another — and rather than hold one another up,we pick apart the differences. Applying labels and definitions whose only purpose is to destroy the humanity of the other person.

We are made to love, made in your image – and we’ve forgotten your face – turned away from your Light to try and write a story without a language, to build a bridge without paths on a winding river that subverys our every support.

We are weary, and we need your hope. We are broken and breaking eachother.

Help us come together – turning toward the Grace extended.

Remind us what it means to be in your light and to live out of it.


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