My Wheel House

I’ve actually known about myself – for a long time – that, while I enjoy being alone, I tend to enjoy that alone-ness the most when it is enveloped in a crowd of people. Thus, I like event planning – A LOT. I like to form clubs, plan retreats, plan reunions, and create spaces for creativity. To create common grounds for people who might not otherwise know how to connect. It was one of the reasons I loved setting up my classroom – making a spaces for individuals to come in and find a shared space. It was one of my absolute favorite things to do within my knitting life – to plan and attend “knit nights”.

This event planning allows me to watch people of varied generations, occupations, religions, politics, hopes, dreams, and knitting levels, come together to be creative, to laugh and to share their lives. Watching the sharing of beautiful pieces of a broken world, and putting together a larger understanding of what it means to be human – together – highlighting our differences, unique-nesses, and identifying the beauty of those things as a greater wholeness rather than a way to separate from one another. This kind of sharing – this kind of wholeness is made sweeter by the crumbs each person brings to the table. A table where we feast on friendships and recognize that each person has their flaws and their perfections, and each person has a way to build up the rest.

A little like stone soup – sometimes just putting a stone in a pot is all that is required for everyone else to share their strengths and create something that nourishes everyone.

What is my current stone soup? A coffee cart I hope to open by the end of this year. This planning and people pulling together is my Wheel house – something I feel comfortable in – and for that reason (as well as many other, outlined in the story of the cafe here: The little bike coffee cart will be called: Wheel House Cafe .

Because I want to know what is in the wheel house of the people in my community – because I want to bring them together in a space and time they can share – a space that allows for friendship, laughter, life living, and creativity, encouraged by some fabulous coffee.

If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to follow the progress of this cafe here:

or here:

And pray and plan to visit 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Wheel House

  1. Ah, love this! And you forgot one other thing you organized so beautifully……Christmases at your home!  So beautiful, so thoughtfully put together…..yummy food, lots of music and love. Happy memories indeed!  I’m excited for your venture!!!!  Love you, sweetie!

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