Curiosity and Imagination

June. The long awaited pause, and I’m still really holding my breath.

The school year has just ended for me, and my kids still have a week and a half before they, too, can sit in the space between finishing school and not fully jumping into what summer break might look like. Do you have a pause in your schedule? A time when one things ends, before it starts again, or before the next things begins? A space filled with the tension of wondering what it is you are supposed to do with this little moment in time – knowing it won’t last long enough for you to truly decide, and still, hoping on to the thought that if you don’t decide, perhaps it won’t pass so quickly?

My writing has been more on paper lately than in this blog, and while I want to write all the things and hit publish all the time, I’m trying to slow down and take moments for what they are – to discern whether my words are for me or for my reading audience in these moments – AND, I’m still writing. Today, you can find me writing again at Redbud, a post about curiosity and imagination (<—click for poetry)- running with the dual meaning of inspiration as creativity and breath – something I’ve done before. I’d love for you to read that post on Redbud, but I’d also love for you to read the posts of my fellow guild members, whose words on curiosity and imagination are lovely. So, when you have time, jump into the rabbit hole and start digging – find words to feed your own curiosity.

Thanks for stopping by, friends, I’ll be back to writing here for your soon. 🙂

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