Checking In….

It’s been crazy the past couple of weeks people.

I keep thinking I need to update the blog and then I think about how I am worried that you will all be bored to tears with what I want to write about.

This, I realize, is my own flaw…..I need to get over it and realize that as much as I love you all, the blog  is for me to write and for me to express (how self-centered is that?! ha!) – Seriously though, I need to come to grips with the fact that if you don’t want to read what I write, you won’t, and that will be fine.

In any case, I apologize ahead of time (I have trouble not apologizing, just deal), but the content of the blog – especially when I am bogged down in literature – will probably end up crazy poems that I feel are brilliant, or things that I have read which I think pertain to me or you!  🙂

That is all for this evening’s ramblings.  I hope you’re all well…

…..more tomorrow, I promise.  Sleep tonight.

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