Little Boxes on the Hillside….

Yes, I know I promised to post the following day, but well, life got a hold of me yet again and Here I am days later, still trying to piece together what I want to write about.

I think of things to write all the time – mostly in the car while I’m driving – no where near a computer or even a piece of paper to record ideas.

This week, I’ve been playing around with a lot of ideas, but they all seem to be revolving around the same thing, and so that is what I’m writing to you about today.

Boxes – or better yet, compartments.  This, in regards to the way I filter my conversations and interactions with other people and how I tell certain people one set of things because I know they won’t judge me or think I’m I’m a crazy religious nut trying to convert them to my sort of Christianity…..and then another set of people with whom I feel comfortable discussing music or books, and another with whom I will discuss my children….you get the idea.  All of these compartmentalized conversations and human relations with only a select few that overlap.

Sitting in my car on the way home from school or work or driving kids around I have been imagining situations in my mind in which I meld all of these compartments and just call it life.   That’s how I really believe things should be right?  Life should be honest and truthful – people are people and we should all understand that without a hint of judgement right?  Why is it that while I really believe that all of these compartments should be melded, I can’t do it in my own life?

Those are the random thoughts for today as I head to a neighborhood potluck where many many parts of life will probably not be discussed, but where maybe, after meeting new people, some boxes will be opened to new people.

One thought on “Little Boxes on the Hillside….

  1. I’ve thought about this too. There is risk in letting people know what you really think because yes, they can judge you and it may change your relationship. At the same time if they don’t like what you are about and choose to judge you then what are they worth? It feels like living honestly would let you share everything and let the pieces fall where they may. I don’t believe that. People don’t need to know everything about you and that makes your close relationships that much more meaningful. It is a privilege and a gift to know you on a deeper level. You are awesome!

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