But today is Wednesday

It has been a busy weekend and week so far, and for that matter, week before.  This perpetual business that seems to be my life, continues to cramp my intentions.

I have intended for the past three weeks to start incorporating “Thankful Tuesday”(this is an idea coined by Micha Boyett of Mama Monk) into my blogging life, and every week, it is suddenly  Wednesday.   So, today, I have decided to break the rules and make today the beginning of my weekly Thankful Tuesday postings, regardless of the fact that it is again, suddenly Wednesday

I am Thankful for:

– Allen, Katarina, and Adrianna.  My three beautiful kids, that while they find every possible way to drive me crazy, also love me in the smallest and largest ways

– Scott – because he understands me better than I can sometimes even understand myself.  When I cannot possibly find a way to be nice to people, he reminds me to go off and be by myself for a while so that I can revive the energy sources that have been drained.  Not only does he encourage me to find my own time and space, but he allows me time to go and drink a cup of coffee and to do homework or read a book.  –  I am so thankful for his ability to encourage me to not feel guilty and to get done what needs to be done.

-Fall – because it is just finally making an appearance and I am so thankful for the cooler weather and the hope that rain will follow

-my fellow Newbiginners – For growing and Learning and becoming a better community together every week that we meet – for laughter and real life conversations about real life things that do not always find a place in normal real life thoughts

There is for sure a lot more, but being that I am cheating by posting today anyway, I shall leave this here and get back to my studying

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