Yesterday was beautiful.  The first REAL rain we have encountered in a year – followed up by giant cumulus clouds which contrasted brightly against the blue blue sky and sunshine.  I was driving home from school yeseterday thinking about how the first rain always feels like it is just cleansing everything.  Physically cleansing the earth of all the dust and road grime which has settled in over the summer, and for me, it’s a day where I feel more alive and more connected to the world around me.  The clouds were so big and fluffy and I felt like I could reach and touch them.

Today I’m thankful for…

The rain and sunshine yesterday

The cold this morning which helped the kiddos sleep just a little longer.

The darkness accompanying the cold which made my hot cup of coffee so much more satisfying.

Chickens outside the window, waking up as they do every day, with as much noise and jubilation as they can muster.

The day ahead: that while it is contained within a schedule, there are infinite variations within the schedule to keep everything exciting.


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