Thankful Tuesday

I am….

-Thankful for the Parents of Prayer (POP) Group I rarely get to attend because of school – that they meet regularly and that when I do have time, I’m welcome with open arms to pray with them, for our children.

-Thankful for the reminder to be thankful for kids especially – it’s hard when they do not seem thankful for a thing that I do, to model thankfulness to and for them.


-For my daughter’s preschool teachers who understand four-year-olds – they understand that they have to hold her while she screams, as I walk away because the minute I’m out of site, she has fun.  I am thankful that they understand that it’s a practice which my daughter has gotten into, to scream until I’m out of site, and that while I do not condone or try to further this practice in any way – the teacher’s assure me every day that she did not continue screaming (I’ve actually peaked through the back-door to make sure, and the girl is playing away as though she did not just finish kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs – brat)

– For notes which my middle daughter writes about her siblings which say that they make her “heart glitter and shine”.  I’m thankful for this magical and imaginative way of saying she loves them and for describing just how much of a treasure that is by saying her heart is glittering.

-For my son’s want to be heard – to tell me everything about his day in minute detail – Dear God, grant me the willingness and patience to listen with an open mind and heart –

-For the beauty of a real fall day in which leaves are falling everywhere and there is a slightly cool breeze as the sun makes everything orange

-For cold mornings and hot coffee.

– A quiet lunch with my husband where we talked like adults and didn’t even notice it or take the time to dwell on the lack of children in our lunch conversation, and yet they weren’t there, so we could just talk and enjoy eachother’s company.  🙂

-Newbigin Fellowship – and learning to pray in ways that I may not even feel comfortable, but which cause my heart to listen to God’s voice.

-Halloween costumes and the silliness which is about to start around these parts.

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