Thankful Tuesday



linking back to Micha Boyett for Thankful Tuesday today.


I am thankful for the beginnings of Spring which the visual promises of new growth: The fig tree has the start of new leaves, the lettuce is still in full force while the leeks are starting to grow in around it.

The 30 little starter pots on the porch.

I am thankful for my Mom who always had a garden.  I took it for granted as a kid and assumed all Mom’s must garden and can peppers and make salads by telling you what to go pick in the yard.  Thank you for your influence Mom and for passing along the quiet stillness of just digging in the dirt. 🙂  (Now if only my roses would grow!)

I am thankful for fresh made bread in the mornings and that my kids were excited to have home made bread on their sandwiches – I wasn’t excited about this as a kid and thought I was missing out on the magically airy store bought bread, so I’m so glad they like this thick and savory bread from our kitchen.


I am thankful that we’re finally (cross all your fingers and knock on wood) done with seasonal sickness in our household.  A week of puke and fevers is just a lot and I don’t want to clean so constantly anymore.



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