INFJ and a 9 = ranting Monday

I know.  There is a lot of talk around lately about personality types and how they effect the way we deal with things.  Frankly, I tend to feel like saying “I’m a 9″ (which I am, Enneagram people), or I’m an INFJ (also me, Myers-Briggs) is the equivalent of me making excuses for the way I am acting even though I’m fully aware that my actions are not as hospitable or as kind or friendly as they possibly should be – I don’t want to use my personality type as an excuse for me not being willing to change.  And still…..

I need to be quiet – that I of the INFJ – becomes a glaring thing as I sit here in the confusion that is my daily life with three children, and wish for a quiet dark place where no one will talk to me or ask me questions or generally NEED any sort of interaction from me at all.  Introverted.  yep.  Know what else?  It’s my own fault that the time I could spend being quiet, I spend helping other people find comfort instead – I spend trying to”fill the happiness buckets” (can you tell I have kids right now?)  of those around me.  Those people I love so dearly – and that’s where that other thing comes out.  My 9-ness.

So what do I do about it?  Do I make excuses?  Do I chalk up the grumpy, sassy, grumpy me to the fact that I don’t have moments of silence?  and the guilt ridden me when I do take them to the fact that I’m a 9?

I dunno.

This sitting down to write a blog is somewhat cathartic and filling of my introverted-ness and at the same time is hugely hard for me to do and know that my words will be read by others.

SO yea.  Happy Monday – it’s getting the best of me,  How about you?

One thought on “INFJ and a 9 = ranting Monday

  1. It was a very Mondayish Monday around here too! lol I can’t remember my MB very well, except (1) I am pretty opposite my hubs and (2) DEFINITELY have the “I” thing going on! Lately I’ve been retreating to my bedroom after the youngest gets to bed so I can recharge. It’s been helping! without it, I am a grumpy, teary momma. Not an excuse, just what it is! (ok…ramble over! lol)

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