Tuesday and I’m thankful

Goodness – that was  a quick two weeks!  Lost track of blogging and couldn’t find a minute to fit it in – so, in order to not let the same lapse happen this week, I will start out as always, being thankful becuase it’s Tuesday 🙂


I’m thankful for the wind and pray that it brings some clouds full of rain because we need it!

I’m thankful for my kiddos who have been such good sports and we ride this cyclone of life through our jammed pack schedule

I’m thankful for the baseball team Allen is a part of this year – the kids are excited, the coaches are excited and want to have fun, the parents are friendly and helpful!  When you’re going to spend the next three months seeing a group of people an average of 3 days a week – it’s nice when we all get along!

I’m thankful for the excitement Katie has every time she thinks about starting her new adventure in Musical Theater – and I’m thankful for the chance we had to go to a high school performance this last week which made her even more excited about any sort of stage presence.

I’m thankful for Anna and her mellowing that is happening slowly and can be missed if I focus on the fits that are still being thrown, however, I refuse to miss that she has slowed her screaming down and replaced it slowly with thinking and being more aware that her actions have reactions.

And that my friends, is all I have time for at the moment.  🙂

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